By Eoghan|21st June 2024|3 Minutes

21st June 2024|3 Minutes

The updated Reuters logo.

Thomson Reuters Embraces AI in Bold Rebranding Move

In a move signalling a significant shift in its approach, Thomson Reuters, the global content and technology giant, has today announced a comprehensive rebranding, the first in 16 years. The refresh aims to solidify the company’s commitment to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the evolving needs of professionals in an ever-changing landscape.

“Over the past few years, the professional landscape has undergone major shifts as we have all navigated significant changes in how we work,” said David Carrel, chief marketing officer at Thomson Reuters. “Our refreshed brand represents the Thomson Reuters purpose to inform the way forward – and this starts with our customers, empowering professionals to act with great confidence so they can know today and navigate tomorrow.”

The rebrand comes after extensive research and customer conversations revealed a clear demand for clarity and guidance in navigating complex situations, particularly in the age of generative AI. In response, Thomson Reuters has adopted a new brand promise: “To Clarify the Complex.” This reflects their longstanding commitment to providing trusted content, powerful technology, and industry-leading insights to help customers tackle today’s challenges and prepare for the future.

The updated Thomson Reuters logo on the side of a company building.

Partnering with Code and Theory for a Technology-First Identity

Partnering with technology-focused creative agency Code and Theory, the rebrand includes a simplified logo, updated visuals, a new colour palette, and modernised fonts, aiming to reflect the company’s transformation into a technology-first organisation. Stef Hoffman, Group Brand Strategy Director at Code and Theory, hailed the project as a “bold reimagining” that celebrates Thomson Reuters’ heritage and innovation.

The company’s significant investment in AI-powered solutions has already earned praise from customers. Edward Macnamara, chief innovation officer at Arent Fox Schiff, noted that Thomson Reuters has “rapidly emerged as a frontrunner in the field of content-focused AI.”

Some of the new branding elements for Thomson Reuters.

While the full rollout of the rebranding is expected to take place over the next 12 months, initial changes to the logo and visuals on key websites and social media channels have already been implemented. The company promises that these changes represent more than just a new look, but a deeper commitment to empowering professionals through cutting-edge technology and trusted information.

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