By Eoghan|14th June 2024|1 Minutes

14th June 2024|1 Minutes

The updated Disney Jr. logo.

Spotted recently is a new look for Disney Jr. which was probably created by Disney’s no doubt massive in-house design and marketing team. Gone is the flat, geometric blocky look of old and in comes a glossy, rounded bevel style, which is honestly reminiscent of Apple’s visual style from around 2005. It’s an interesting choice to say the least, though I’m sure the flat, non-beveled alternate (seen below) will get more use as time goes by, as the 3D bevel look is not the most flexible when it comes to deciding which background colour/image should be placed behind it.

On first glance, you’d be mistaken for thinking that the old logo was the updated version as it is more in keeping with the current design trends (which tend to favour simplicity and flat colours).

Poster for Disney's Ariel, showcasing the flat/alternate version of the new Disney Jr. logo (above the word 'ARIEL').
A closer look at the flat/alternate logo.

With Disney being the mammoth company that it is with so many entities and IPs under its umbrella, there is almost always something being updated or refreshed with regard to branding to watch out for. I’m sure they’ll provide me with plenty more content as this blog continues to age and evolve.

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